UX designer and researcher. Design ally, mentor, and facilitator. More about me

Hi, I'm yindi (they) and I'm interested in new ways of thinking

As a designer, my solutions are anchored in a deep understanding of the research process. I am a principled person often thinking about what I stand for and how my actions align. I am a weaver—someone who sees and follows the threads connecting complex ideas and passionate people. I am a facilitator for my peers, an ally to those who want to create their own solutions, and a mentor to those interested becoming designers. At my deepest core, I am someone who leads with love; someone laying the foundation for a safe and caring world.

Coming from a background in hospitality, I've always been interested in understanding causes for pain and how to help people move towards joy. I bring that similar passion for understanding the problem space into my design work by including my research partners every step of the way or leading my own research efforts where there is none.

Design Justice
I am inspired by academics and practitioners who have led the way in Equitable and Responsible design. As a member of the Design Justice Network, I aim to bring ethical forethought into my design process whether it's making sure we are inclusive with research participants or mitigating harmful tech through healing design solutions.

Approaching complexity with critical connections
As a lead on multiple broad-knowledge projects, I've learned to embrace and thrive on complexity. At the core of my approach to complex problems is the philosophy of maintaining critical connections—by striving for clear communication of assumptions and generously including everyone, I am able to create approachable ways of understanding the misunderstandble.

Design jobs for all
In a budding field like UX design, I believe in the power of mentorship. I am only here because my first design manager recognized my potential to be an impactful designer. I am now paying it forward by mentoring folks who are pivoting into careers as UX designers. I firmly believe that the more varied one’s life experience has been, the better designer one would be—that the gates keeping out 'non-traditional' designers need to be broken down.

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